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Billingsley House

6900 Green Landing Road
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone: 3010627-7085

Billingsley House is a brick Tidewater Colonial plantation house that sits on 430 acres overlooking the Patuxent River. The house and land were named for Major John Billingsley, the original 1662 land grant owner. Even though Major Billingsley never lived on the property and there have been 27 title adjustments over the site’s long history, the name “Billingsley” remains. The present house was built around 1740 by the prominent Weems family.

Billingsley Househas been substantially altered and modernized both in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, yet it is still one of the oldest structures remaining in Prince George’s County and a unique example of a plantation house. As such, it is of great historical and architectural importance. Billingsley, which features rooms furnished in period decor, is ideal for both large and intimate gatherings, including business meetings.

Several rooms throughout the first floor may be used for an intimate gathering of up to 60 guests. The home includes a fireplace, balcony, ample parking, dressing rooms, wi-fi connections and a large brick tented patio for seasonal use for up to 120 guests.